Wrestling for real men


Black Craft Wrestling is a new pro wrestling promotion that has the tagline, “Wrestling for real men”. It raises awareness around male empowerment, drugs and alcohol abuse and mental health.

The promotion is founded by Jack Thriller and it intends to give the former professional wrestlers a fresh start. Its website states that it “promotes healthy lifestyle choices, fitness and body positivity”.

The company already had a successful year in 2018 where it held its first event in January. The promotion not only allows their former wrestlers to perform again but also gives them the opportunity to mentor young pro wrestlers.

Black Craft Wrestling is a professional wrestling promotion and training facility that runs in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Black Craft Wrestling has an army of over 100 wrestlers and more than 30,000 followers on Instagram.

Black Craft Wrestling is a promotion in the United States that was founded in 2007. Its founder, Doug Williams, wanted to bring back the traditional style of wrestling and he established Black Craft Wrestling as an alternative to WWE.

Blackcraftwrestling.com is a promotion that brings back the traditional style of wrestling and it’s beneficial for all wrestlers who want to branch off from the mainstream promotions such as WWE or TNA.

The premise of Blackcraft Wrestling is more like theater than professional wrestling. It features wrestlers playing their roles with passion and believability while delivering some thrilling showmanship.

Black Craft Wrestling is a pro-wrestling promotion based in New York City. For the first time, they are one of the only promotions to feature a predominantly African-American roster.

In an interview with Black Craft Wrestling, they mentioned that their goal is to provide a platform for performers of color to transcend stereotypes and enjoy representation on a stage that many brands are afraid to put them in.

This is significant because black vs. white wrestling has been shown over and over again on TV.

A Black Craft Wrestling event took place in Poland, drawing about 25,000 people and the Polish Wrestling Federation to see a large group of masked wrestlers competing for almost 30 minutes with no one pinning another.

The event raises the question of whether wrestling would have taken off had it not been rooted in classical Greek culture.

The Black Craft Wrestling is an alternative form of professional wrestling that has been gaining popularity over recent years.

Blackcraft Wrestling is a professional wrestling promotion founded in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in December 2006 by T. Renee. Their headquarters are in Grapevine, Texas.

Blackcraft Wrestling was originally founded as a fighting promotion known as Black United Wrestling. The name of the promotion was changed to Black Craft Wrestling due to copyright infringement issues with Black United Wrestling and the US Federation of Professional Wrestlers (USFPW).

Black Craft Wrestling is a mixed martial arts promotion that began as a weekend training session led by MMA veteran and jiu-jitsu black belt, Chris Regan.

Black Craft Wrestling was created to help rebuild the culture of wrestling in America by creating an atmosphere that encouraged hard-hitting competition and intense rivalries.

The promotion has seen great success having recently celebrated their 10th anniversary with their Year of Service event on April 10th, 2018. They aim to create a more positive representation of wrestling in America and the world through their shows.

The sport of professional wrestling is full of complex storylines and has been captivating audiences for over 130 years. It involves the use of theatrical moves, carefully choreographed fighting scenes, and forcing opponents to submit.

Black Craft Wrestling is a form of professional wrestling that enfolds a more realistic take on the sport with its emphasis on using real street fighting techniques compared to mainstream professional wrestling. The match between Sabrina Vega and Tayla Braxton in NXT was an example of how this type of move can be used in a more meaningful way.

Wrestling for real men need to be careful that they don’t get injured by these more powerful moves, which can be very dangerous depending on the wrestler’s weight class, but it allows them to take their performance to the next level.

While most wrestling companies are trying to appeal to the younger audience, Black Craft Wrestling is one of the few wrestling companies that is trying to appeal to the adult males (of all ages and demographics) with a unique style and philosophy.