Black Craft Wrestling


Black Craft Wrestling (BCW) is an independent professional wrestling company based in Orlando, Florida. BCW was founded in 2017 by Black Craft ambassador and professional wrestler Bruce Blitz. The company is quickly gaining recognition for its innovative approach to pro-wrestling, mixing classic and modern moves with old school hardcore action.

BCW has built a strong fan base among both hardcore wrestling fans and those just beginning to explore the scene alike. The company regularly hosts events which feature some of the most talented and respected names in the wrestling world such as Impact Wrestling’s Tessa Blanchard, former WWE Superstar Tommy Dreamer, and X Division Champion Petey Williams.

The promotion emphasizes storytelling, creating an immersive atmosphere for its fans. Matches have a typical match length of 20-30 minutes, relying less on high spots and quick finishes to keep fans engaged from start to finish. Its fan accessible storylines often have a focus on moral dilemmas which resonates across all age groups.

The BCW roster includes wrestlers from all over the world, giving it a unique flavor distinct from other promotions. This unique roster allows for interesting character development through a combination of unpredictable and ever evolving storylines. And though many of its wrestlers are of the traditional mold, fans can also expect to see new talent emerge through the ranks as the company continues to grow in popularity.

Overall, Black Craft Wrestling is becoming one of the most exciting new promotions in professional wrestling today with its unorthodox approach to storytelling and its bold approach when it comes to wrestler selection. With anticipation continuing to build, BCW looks set to continue building a dedicated fanbase for many years to come.

Black Craft Wrestling is a new, rising star in the world of professional wrestling. It’s been growing quickly since 2016, and it has caught the attention of many die-hard wrestling fans.

The founders of Black Craft Wrestling, Lance and Brian Harbor, have described their promotion as a “spiritually-enriched” style of wrestling. They draw influence from their appreciation for horror films, classic punk rock music, and elements of classic pro wrestling. The Harbor Brothers have also implemented storytelling aspects into their storylines that bring a unique edge to their matches, furthering the depth into character building in the process.

Black Craft Wrestling events featured lots of music from bands like Misfits, Suicide Silence and other heavy rock acts. Special effects have been incorporated such as fog machines, strobe lights and even pyrotechnics. Black Craft Wrestling often hosts events at their homebase in Illinois as well as other locations around the Midwest. Promotional events have gone as far north as Canada and as far east as New Jersey.

As far as talent goes, Black Craft Wrestling puts on some of the most daring matches seen on a professional wrestling stage. Exciting highflying moves combined with classic brawling techniques keep fans entertained while they watch each show broadcast on their Twitch channel or on InDemand PPV (pay-per-view). There’s also merchandise that includes tee shirts, wrestler action figures and trading cards.

It’s clear that Black Craft Wrestling has been gaining some traction lately in an energized field of professional wrestling entertainment. It will be interesting to watch its trajectory for further growth and notoriety in this competitive industry!